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Shine Bright! Holiday Marketing for Your Winery

Posted by vinSUITE on November 11, 2015 at 10:23 AM

It's hard to believe, but mid-November is already here--whether we're ready for it or not.  Have you figured out how you're going to maximize sales this holiday season? vinSUITE has some great marketing tools built in that will

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Payment Security Webinar

Posted by Ashley Jernigan on September 10, 2015 at 1:25 PM
Today Granbury Wine Solutions, direct-to-consumer technology provider to the wine industry, is hosting a lunch and learn event for winery owners, operators and tasting room managers at Domaine Chandon in Napa, California on Tuesday, September 16th from 10:30am to 12:00pm. This free event features industry expert presentations about credit card security for wineries as well as future payment technologies like EMV and NFC technology like Apple Pay or Google Wallets.

The main speaker for the event, Rick Allen of OpenEdge, a division of Global Payments, will share payment security trends, best practices for tasting room and eCommerce security, as well as a look at the future of mobile payments.
Matt Wood, the Estate Director for the iconic Domaine Chandon winery in Napa Valley, will provide insight into credit card processing for wine clubs as well as practical, easy to implement steps to increase revenue by reducing credit card declines and boosting retention. All winery professionals are welcome to attend this event free of charge.

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About Granbury Solutions
Granbury Solutions is a leading provider of winery and tasting room technology nationwide with its vinSuite software. Granbury also serves the hospitality, restaurant and retail industries. By bringing three trusted wine technology brands, eWinery Solutions, WineWare and WineWeb, together under one roof, Granbury has created the most comprehensive and robust set of direct-to-consumer wine sales tools available. Learn more about Granbury Solutions at
About OpenEdge
OpenEdge is the integrated technology division of Global Payments. Global Payments has been a leader in the U.S. marketplace since the 1960s, when its former parent company, National Data Corporation, pioneered electronic payment processing. The company, with a strong history of growth and an established global footprint, has approximately 4,200 employees in 29 countries. One of the top three international providers, Global Payments serves more than 1 million merchants and processes more than 6.5 billion transactions annually. - See more at:
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A Tasting Room Manager’s Guide to EMV

Posted by Ashley Jernigan on August 19, 2015 at 11:40 AM

If you process credit cards in your winery or tasting room, you’re probably starting to hear about new payment technology and the upcoming EMV Liability shift. Also called “Chip-and-Signature,” EMV is quickly becoming the global standard for secure credit card payments as these cards contain an embedded chip that protects cardholder information from becoming vulnerable to fraud.

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If Your Winery's Website isn't Mobile Friendly, It's Time to Update!

Posted by Kady White on June 1, 2015 at 12:03 PM

It's already challenging keeping up with your winery's digital marketing efforts while trying to run your business. Between social media and your website, your online brand is a vital channel to reach clients and potential customers with its content and usability. A big piece of this digital puzzle are your Google search rankings - that is, how your site shows up in search results when people are looking for wineries, tasting rooms, and DTC wine sales.

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Growing Wine Sales with Technology

Posted by Amy Shawley on May 12, 2015 at 11:24 AM

From the field to the tasting room, technological innovation is changing the landscape of every aspect of the wine industry. In 2015 we saw an uptick in wineries willing to incorporate technology, even out in the field. From vine monitoring sensors that monitor water levels in the crop to the new sensors for wine casks that measure the fermentation process in  real time, it seems there is no limit to what technology can do to give wineries a leg up on the competition. With DTC wine sales expected to raise 13% this year, it is no wonder wineries are taking such an aggressive stance to secure sales.

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