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WineWare Key Features

Major Features

  • Takes 60 seconds to learn how to process a sales transaction
  • Fast, accurate checkout with barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, touch screen, electronic customer pole display
  • Place transactions on hold in the middle of the transaction; recall on hold transaction at any future time
  • Quick Books integration
  • Password protected
  • Credit card processing and pin pad debit
  • Every function works with or without a mouse
  • Works just like a cash register, but easier
  • Fast, instant checkout
  • Unlimited transactions, inventory items, customer tracking
  • Loyalty and gift card compatibility
  • Tracks sales, sales tax, customer purchases, and inventory levels

Point of Sale Features

  • Check out customer faster than a cash register
  • “Touch Button” friendly
  • Barcode scanner compatibility for instant inventory lookup
  • Optional inventory lookup by inventory item name or number
  • Calculate and display change in large print on computer screen
  • Automatically calculates change
  • Supports barcode, laser scanners and ID scanners
  • Reorder point alarms
  • Add inventory items at any time, even in the middle of a sale
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Reorder and low stock reports
  • Weight scale for cheese, fruits and vegetables

Marketing Features

  • Track customer sales
  • Track sales by zip code
  • Track purchasers of item
  • Track top customers
  • Mass or selective email
  • Customer information: name, address city, state, zip, phone, picture, reminders, birthday, etc
  • Loyalty programs: point reward, birthday
  • Member cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Mail labeling
  • Discount levels
  • Gift registry Lay Away for events

Inventory Features

  • Recall inventory by item name or item number
  • Out of stock reports
  • Multiple discount levels
  • Track serial numbers of special items
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Detailed inventory reports

Unique Features

  • Integrated with Ship Compliant, for State compliance
  • All details of every transaction are stored forever or until deleted
  • Reprint any receipt or invoice at any time
  • Place an unlimited number of transactions on hold
  • Recall/edit/complete on hold transactions
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Out of area tax rates
  • Split tender
  • Tracks back orders
  • Coupons printed directly on receipts to encourage repeat customers
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Loyalty Programs

Customer Features

  • Prints accounts receivable statements and reports
  • Prints full size professional invoices
  • Stores complete customer tracking (every transaction)
  • Allows open accounts and customer credit limits
  • Prints accounts receivable statement for customers owing money
  • Supports layaways for events
  • Bill To/Ship To for mail order
  • Add customers “On-The-Fly”
  • Scan Drivers License as input
  • Prints mailing labels
  • Credit limit alert
  • Customer lookup by name or number; or swipe member card
  • Bulk or selectively email your customers

Employee Features

  • Labor scheduler
  • Time clock management (hours & wages)
  • Security with permissions
  • Commission Report
  • Job Codes
  • Log exceptions
  • Tracks tips
  • Sales by employee
  • Card swipe entry

Restaurant Features

  • Table layout
  • Open Tab
  • Counter service
  • Quick tab
  • Pre-auth credit card
  • Quick bar
  • Tips
  • Prompt party size
  • Order by guest
  • Transfer Server
  • Transfer table
  • Split ticket
  • Reorder round
  • Recipe (parent child inventory)
  • Modifiers
  • Happy hour pricing
  • Comps
  • Kitchen printers or monitors


  • Advance reporting so you can make your own reports
  • Pre-designed reports

Sales Reports

Invoice Totals
Invoice Totals by Customer
Invoice Totals – Daily Summary
Grand Totals by Payment Method
Daily Totals
Detailed Daily
Detailed Department Sales
General Hourly
Sales by Vendor
Grand Totals by Date
Grand Totals by Salesperson
Grand Totals by Department
Grand Totals by Item
Grand Total of Tax Exempt Sales
Daily Gross Profits
Check Listing
Sales by Zip Code
Gift Card Balances
Receipt Listing
Zero Movement
Shift Summary
End of Day
Daily Close
Payment Type Breakdown
Returns by Tender Type
Area Sales Tax Summary
Financial Summary
Tax Exempt Customer Summary
Invoice Exceptions
Operation Exceptions
Vendors Sales

Inventory Reports

List Alphabetical
List Numerically
Matrix Quantity
Daily Itemized Sales
Daily Sales by Department Sales
Inventory Sales Summary
Item Sales by Serial/Batch Number
Serial/Batch Sales by Item Number
Department List
Items by Department
Vendor Listing
Items by Vendor
Current Value
Current Items
Received Items
Top Sellers
Yearly Comparison
Quantity Comparison
Discrepancy Report
New Items
Item Activity
Item Transfers In
Item Transfers Out
Top 10 Sellers
Transfer Statement
Specific Item Activity Report
Serial Batch/Batch # Listings
Pending Orders
Pending Order Item Details
Purchase Order

Customer Reports

Accounts Receivable Summary
Accounts Receivable Statement
Aging By Company
Purchasers of Item
Sales History
Most Frequent Buyers
Phone Listing
Ship To Info
Customer Referral
Customer Purchases by Department
Gift Registry Summary
Customer Purchase Request
Open A/R Invoices

Employee Reports

Hours and Wages
Server Tips
Hours and Wages – Summary
Employee Listing
Cash Pickups
Sales by Rep Summary


Number of People Served
Server Tips
Ingredients – Theoretical Usage
Delivery Tracking Statistics


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Loyalty & Gift Cards for Wineries & Wine Bars

Loyalty and Gift Cards are a great marketing tool to entice customers to come back to your location. You can now purchase these cards from WineWare Software. These cards come encoded so they may be used as a credit card or as a barcode. Smart POS fully supports loyalty and gift cards.

Loyalty Cards are a great tool to give discounts to your loyal customers. Gift cards make a wonderful gift any time of year. You could also give a gift card to a loyal customer for bringing on a new customer. The marketing ideas are endless on how to promote your business with loyalty/gift cards.

Loyalty Cards may be reused if a customer becomes inactive. Gift Cards may also be reused or have additional dollars added for future purchases.

Call us at (805) 227-0202 and we will help you design your custom Loyalty and/or Gift Card.

The ideas and options are endless. Loyalty cards create a customer for life. Customers treat loyalty cards like credit cards; they carry them in their wallet. Your loyalty or gift card is a constant reminder of the wonderful products in your business.

 Learn More



WineWare Software can supply you with all your software and hardware needs for a point of sale (POS) system. We represent many hardware companies so if you have your favorite manufacturer or model just let us know and we can get you a quote. It is almost guaranteed if you already have POS hardware that Smart POS is compatible. At a minimum you need POS Software, a computer, cash drawer, credit card swipe, and a receipt printer. You can always add a touch screen monitor or bar code scanning capability at a later date. The following are software/hardware that we recommend.

Credit Card Verification

PCCharge Payment ServerPCCharge Payment Server
PCCharge Payment Server is an open architecture credit card software product specifically designed to integrate payment processing into existing point-of-sale, order entry or accounting systems.

Cash DrawersCash Drawers

Plugs directly into Epson, Star, Citizen, or Ithaca receipt printers.
5 bill - 5 coin till
2 position lock
18.81" (w) x 15.81" (d) x 3.88" (h)
Stainless steel front face
Available in beige or black

Receipt PrintersReceipt Printers

Epson TMT-88V Receipt Printer
Beautiful and compact, this fast thermal printer delivers print at speeds up to 50 lines per second. The TM-T88V employs a drop-in roll-paper loading system that makes paper replacement fast and easy. It also features thoughtful design elements that make head cleaning and other maintenance tasks a breeze.

Magnetic Strip ReaderMagnetic Strip Reader

Mini-Mag Wedge
Small size, counter top or monitor mountable
International Keyboard Support
Good/Bad Read Indicators
Touch screen Compatible
Auto Caps Lock Detection
Track I and/or II

Touch Screen MonitorsTouch Screen Monitors

ELO Flat Panel Touch screen Monitor
The ELO 15" (optional 17" available) Flat Panel LCD Touch screen monitor is the monitor of choice for many businesses. Its space-saving and attractive qualities keeps in tune with the look of your business. A touch screen works like a mouse by allowing the user to just touch the screen on any spot that is clickable by a mouse. The ELO LCD Flat Panel comes in USB and Serial.

Pole Displays

Pole DisplaysLogic Controls PD3000 Serial Pole Display
The PD3000 offers an easy to read bright green vacuum fluorescent display with a matched lens to enhance viewing contrast. The character height is 5mm. The display head has 5 adjustable viewing angles and can be rotated 360 degrees. The pole can be trimmed to offer an overall height of 8" to 25". Connects to a 9 Pin Serial Port. Includes manual, mounting plate, and 120 AC adaptor.

Bar Code Software

Bar Code SoftwareBar Code Express
Now you can take any item from Smart POS and print a bar code. Bar Code Express reads directly from your Smart POS database, imports your inventory information and print bar codes to any laser printer or Bar Code Blaster. Once the inventory items are in Bar Code Express, you can select different labels and even design the label if you are printing to a laser printer. Bar Code Express will help you automate your store!

Bar Code ScannerBar Code Scanner

Metrologic MS 9520 Laser Bar Code Scanner
Metrologic MS 9520 Laser Bar Code Scanner comes with Y adaptor for simultaneous connection with your keyboard into your keyboard port. Requires no software. Just plug it in and it scans any popular bar code and it is triggerless. Uses laser technology for better accuracy and distance. Includes stand and cradle .

Bar Code Printers

Bar Code PrintersZebra
This printer is a direct thernal printer, and requires no costly ribbon or toner changes. Has a print speed of up to 4 inches per second. Supports many label formats including jewelry tags and clothing hang tags.


Technical Support: Weekends? You're Covered. Exclusive toll free number: 800-835-2400

The wine business is not a typical Monday to Friday, 9-5 business. Your tech support shouldn't be either. WineWare Software has worked hard to earn our reputation as providing the best technical support available - and we continually innovate and improve our services to keep it that way. In fact, we're the only vendor in the industry to provide you with direct contact information for our highly-trained support personnel, for use during normal business hours, as well as weekends and after hours when you have an emergency. No matter when you need us, we're there to help.

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 WineWare POS - Point of Sale for wineries

SmartPOS, with touch screen technology, is a proven software application, which may be customized for the retail or restaurant sales in a winery tasting room or wine bar. The point of sale (POS) application tracks your inventory, sales and customers. It is installed in hundreds of wineries and wine bars throughout North America and Canada. This application is continually upgraded for merchant’s needs and modernization.

SmartPOS is designed to save you time, money and frustration by reducing inventory shrinkage, reducing theft and increasing efficiency.

Your business will run much more efficiently, with this POS software giving you an easier way to manage your company and its daily operations.

You will be able to compare this years sales to last year’s for any period of time, a day, week, month, quarter or year. SmartPOS tracks your sales transactions by the day and hour; for special events you can find out the hourly sales for last year’s event and schedule your sales and cashier personnel accordingly. You will always know the exact inventory level of all inventory items and the value. For every sales transaction you will know your profit. You will be able to manage your customers and know everything they have purchased since you have had this system in place. You will have trace capability by item of who your customers are and target them for special sales. You can print mailing labels and send mass emails.

This system is ideal to track marketing samples, donations and futures. You can make gift baskets through kit maintenance; when a basket is purchased the items in the basket are depleted from your inventory.

This system has multi-level security, so you decide who in your business as access to the various parts of the program. There are sales, inventory, customer and employee reports available within seconds.

The best thing about this system is that it is easy to learn and use, comes with installed Help and a downloadable manual. For your credit card sales transactions you can use either dial-up or Internet. You may use a keyboard and mouse; and/or SmartPOS is barcode scan and touch screen monitor compatible. As you grow you can add multiple stations. The system has the capability to easily switch between the retail and restaurant module, or you can have some stations on the retail and others on restaurant using one database.