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Wine Club Software - SmartClub:

Easy, Affordable and Smart for Wineries & Wine Bars

SmartClub is the easiest way to manage your Wine Club! Click the Product Tour to see SmartClub in action or download the demo and try it today!

  • Track your wine club members with personal info (mail only customers too)
  • Establish multiple different club types and levels, with appropriate discount levels
  • Track gift memberships and pre-paid memberships
  • Works stand alone or connect to our SmartPOS so members & their discounts are recognized in the tasting room.
  • New SmartClub Relations Manager to track all incidents of communication with your club members.
  • Automatically batch process your credit card authorizations including preprocessing for valid credit cards. Easily isolate your declined members.
  • Prepare your batch processing for a shipment to include printing of shipper labels (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and import to their electronic system.
  • Integration with ShipCompliant available.
  • Print many, many reports using the super report generator with predefined reports included. Instantly know your sales, fee, and more. Backup too!

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Merchant Services for Wineries & Wine Bars – we have the lowest rates

“We will beat any current rate you have in addition to other incentives if you switch to us”

Credit & Debit card processing is a very important part of your business. We provide you with choices of merchant services partners that best fits your operation. You can also use your existing merchant services provider. We ask that you let us give you a comparison from your current provider because we usually beat all processing rates.

Paypros LogoWineWare Software is partnered with Pay Pros Inc, they have been in the processing business since 1995. Pay ProsI has been partnering with software developers and their customers, delivering nothing less than robust, stable, fully supported and profitable integrated payment solutions.

In 2009, Pay Pros processed in excess of $5.5 billion in Visa(r) and MasterCard(r) payments. They provide developers with a full range of in-house services for building and promoting integrated payment solutions, including PPI-developed hosted payment services, integration support, customer support, marketing assistance and PA-DSS/PCI DSS security services. It's why more than 1,400 partners and 40,000 businesses have selected Payment Processing, Inc. as their dedicated payment professionals. Learn more at

Our partners can help you set-up the appropriate accounts based on your specific needs, including processing Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, signature debit, pin-pad debit, tips, ecommerce,, Moto (mail order telephone order), etc.

We can help you with your software or hardware and supply needs; we stock credit card terminals, wireless terminals, imprinters, receipt paper, sales slips, etc.

Our services provide you with on-line access so you always know the status of your credit card sales transactions.

Call us for a detailed analysis of your current rates compared to our best rates, or if you are a new merchant we will send you the application with the best rates.

Fewer Declines and More Approved Transactions- All, Totally Automated.

When you operate a wine club, managing declined cards is critical to your success. If a scheduled transaction doesn’t occur due to expired our outdated card information, it means lost and delayed revenues, staff time dedicated to tracking down customers, and even greater fees.

The good news is that these are completely preventable problems and we’ve teamed up with an excellent partner toWine Club, Credit Card Processing, Credit Card Declines provide you with a solution. PayPros Decline Minimizer can keep your operation running by automatically updating expired and outdated card information daily. Never again will you wait days for updated information. Plus you won’t put your customers’ security at risk, by sending card data files and compiling lists of updated cards.

PayPros Decline Minimizer works in your SmartPOS software, behind the scenes. The updating process is automatic, as are the benefits to your business – fewer card declines and more approvals. Summary and detailed card update reports are available. Using SmartClub and PayPros to automatically update recurring credit cards will reduce credit card declines by up to 66%.

Save Time and Money

  • Card on file technology – To minimize your risk, PayPros will store your cardholder data in their secure Managed Payer Data Vault. Eliminate storing card numbers onsite!
  • Recurring Payments – Automate all of your future payments within the SmartClub software.
  • Decline Minimizer – On a nightly basis, PayPros will automatically update lost, stolen, or expired cards stored in the data vault to ensure that your receive more approvals for your recurring payments.
  • Free online reporting – Saves you time and is easily accessible.
  • Online payment acceptance – typical authorization times of 2-4 seconds.

It’s easy to get started with the Decline Minimizer card updating service. There’s no lengthy approval process and no set up fees. Simply call us at 805-227-0202 or request a demo to get started!



Key Strategies to Build Your Wine Club Business

Reaching your customers directly with automatic shipments of wine is a great way to build your business and your profitability. This guide includes information on the best ways to build your wine club and proven strategies for making your club attractive to your best customers.