Business Intelligence for Wineries.

vinSUITE Business Intelligence was designed to give wineries everything they need to make important business decisions, fast. Get an extensive overview of your business, and then drill down to the data that matters most. Knowing more about what’s happening in your tasting room will help you sell more wine.

vinSUITE B.I. lets you combine data from vinSUITE POS to get the information you need. All of your data is pulled into your business intelligence dashboards—from real-time operations to monitoring your strategic initiatives.

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Knowing more about what’s happening in your tasting room or on your website will help you sell more wine.

Discover & Act on Meaningful Data.

Gain real-time visibility into your DTC business. With minimal training, you and your team will be able to analyze your company’s data and make forward-thinking business decisions immediately. 


Dashboards: Display live dashboards that reflect your company’s KPIs—from the big strategic goals down to the measures for each business segment and employee.

Analytics: Complete interconnectivity means that you can drill down instantly to get a deeper understanding of your data.

Data Discovery: Easily analyze data sets from both inside and outside your organization.

Reporting: vinSUITE BI is directly integrated into your analytics engine, giving you detailed, comprehensive reports. You can also make your report interactive with a single click.

Visualization: Interconnected charts and graphs make it easy to understand the story behind your data.

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Increase Your Retail Wine Sales

Business intelligence is about taking action on informed decisions. vinSUITE Business Intelligence is one of the only BI solutions that includes reporting, analytics, and dashboards in a single cohesive platform.

Connect with vinSUITE to merge raw data into organized segments to give you more information about your customers and retail sales. Knowing more about your DTC business will empower you to sell more wine.

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  • Merchandise Analysis

  • Lifetime Customer Value

  • RFM Analysis

  • Market Basket Analysis

  • E-commerce analysis

  • Inventory Analysis

  • Promotions

  • Wine Club Performance


Ready to get started?

Let us help you get started!  We’ll customize a scalable and affordable solution that fits your business needs, and we’ll have you up and running in just a few days. vinSUITE BI is designed for wine businesses of all sizes, starting at just $50 per user*.