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eCommerce Websites

Billboard website template on laptop and phone
Blueprint Template Websites
  • Several designs available to suit your business
  • ADA-compliant template websites hosted entirely by vinSUITE
  • Intuitive checkout experience with customer wallet
  • Wine club integration and club member portal

Custom Websites
  • You continue to host your main content on any CMS platform, and let vinSUITE host your store, club, and account pages for simple product and member management
  • vinSUITE will create a pixel-perfect match of your current website for a seamless customer experience
  • Advanced cookie-based cart for web developers also available
Whitehall Lane custom website

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vinSUITE member profile

  • Cart abandonment
  • Automatic transaction-based emails
  • In-depth customer profiles - order history, club memberships, preferences

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What Wineries Have To Say

“I am so happy with vinSUITE - I can’t even tell you. It’s like a dream... We didn’t push the site before but we sure will now. Thank you again!”

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