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Blueprint Website Templates

All vinSUITE sites include

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Mobile Optimization
  • ADA Compliant Design
  • SSL Certificate
  • PCI Compliant eCommerce
  • Traditional Wine Club
  • Customizable Wine Club
  • Wine Allocation Module
  • Newsletter/Mailing List
  • Blog Feature
  • Responsive Image Slideshow
  • Responsive Photo Gallery
  • Private and Member-only Pages
  • Member Dashboard
  • Customer Profile and Wallet
  • Automatic Transaction-based Emails
  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Meta Information for SEO
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Pre-launch Project Manager
  • Post-launch Support
  • In-depth Training
Several other tools are included with integrations from our partners. See All Integrations


  • Persistent, customizable text banner
  • Shop, Club, Signup Calls To Action above footer
  • Slide-in main navigation

Preview Greyson

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  • Custom text promo banner
  • Category page roll-over style in store
  • Expansive footer navigation

Preview Venue

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  • Stylish hamburger menu
  • Optional subheaders under page titles
  • Quick links to Shop, Club, and Mailing List

Preview Paloma

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  • Sliding effect on product images
  • Logo integrated into navigation
  • Big, bold page titles

Preview Runnel

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  • Dramatic page fade in
  • Clean design with a lot of white space
  • Unique bottom page menu

Preview Fogline

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  • Full-screen hero image
  • Persistent left-side navigation
  • Sticky 'Buy Wines' button

Preview Elevation

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  • Focus on large hero with antiqued edge
  • Perisistent top navigation
  • Roll over product description

Preview Memento

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  • Clean right border menu
  • Fun slide-in newsletter sign-up form
  • Modern roll over product description and add-to-cart

Preview Buttercup

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  • Focus is on beautiful high-resolution hero images
  • Persistent top and footer navigation
  • Clean and minimal 3-up product layout in the store

Preview Billboard

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  • Focus on large hero
  • Perisistent top navigation
  • 4 across product layout with rollover add to cart

Preview Skyline

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  • Modern, mobile first design
  • 5 across product layout with engaging roll-over
  • Custom sticky footer

Preview Kampai

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  • Eye-catching design with persistent navigation bar on the left
  • Full-screen homepage hero image and large banners on internal pages
  • 2 across product layout

Preview Portico

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  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Enormous page titles with background image
  • Sub-navigation just under main navigation

Preview Brunswick

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  • Elegant design with logo at header and footer
  • Rollover bottle image enlargement
  • Sub-navigation under main navigation bar

Preview Santiago

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  • Understated, classic design
  • Sub-navigation on the left
  • Persistent top navigation

Preview Clarity

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