You might look at the photos and bios below and think, what a crazy bunch of people, and you'd be right. We could have posted professional headshots, have them all the same size and stylized, but our team is dynamic, quirky and, well, personal. We care about our clients as individuals--we have a deep love of the wine industry and understand the struggles of running a winery. And we are here to help.

Adam Kline
Web Developer

Adam has had the good fortune to work at vinSUITE for over twelve years, making websites for many excellent wineries and working with some very bright, dedicated people. When he's not working, he enjoys listening to music, playing music, or playing music while listening to unrelated music; it's a terrible racket. (Adam has the distinction of being the winner of the 1st Annual All Company Lie Swatting competition!)


Alison Schmidt
Web Developer

Alison is a front-end web developer in the Nevada City office, where she has been working and laughing since 2008. In her spare time, she designs and makes jewelry, which she sells locally and on Etsy. Alison also loves reading, chilling, and eating delicious foods. She has a cat that she loves dearly, but she is truly a dog person.


Blake Sinclair
IT Manager

Blake has been working in IT since the late 1990s with experience focused on servers, networks, hosting, and telecommunications. He's been working with vinSUITE since 2015 with a primary focus on managing the systems that keep vinSUITE and its customers operating smoothly and safely.


Bob Engberg
Regional Sales & CR Manager

Bob has been working in the wine industry since 2004. He has experience as tasting room host, winery GM, wine industry consultant, wine industry sales and support team member, and wine maker. Bob enjoys golf, fly fishing, food, and wine in his free time.


Brian Cornell
POS Team Lead

Brian has been serving vinSUITE customers for over four years through the POS support channel. He enjoys working with new customers and stepping them through the onboarding process for the vinSUITE POS systems. Outside of work, Brian enjoys gaming, movies, and beer tasting. His favorite beer is currently Heretic's Make America Juicy Again.

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Carrie-Anne Wood
Sales & Marketing Manager

Carrie-Anne is a Bay Area native and has worked in the wine industry for nine years. She has worked in various areas including viticulture, hospitality, and export sales. At vinSUITE, Carrie-Anne oversees sales and marketing initiatives and strategies. Her passion lies in helping people grow their businesses by understanding their needs to help them achieve their goals. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, making family wine, and reading.


Craig Blackmon
Technical Support Specialist

With over 20 years in the wine & food industry, Craig is a Napa Valley native who loves technology and innovation. When he's not helping the wine industry evolve, you can find him with his family, helping his nephews build computers, camping, or watching sports.


Dan Williams
Support Operations Manager

Dan has 20 years of experience working with technology in the wine industry's Direct-to-Consumer wine sales. He is currently overseeing all support teams on a day-to-day basis, ensuring vinSUITE customers continue to receive the best customer service in the industry. Dan and his wife grew up in the Napa Valley, and are proud to still call it home. A father of two wonderful children involved with sports, Dan and his wife are racking up the bleacher time! He enjoys being active outdoors with his family - a man of many hobbies, mountain biking replaces all others.


Danine Norwick
Accounting Supervisor

Danine has been working in the wine industry for 12 years, but has lived in Napa for 37 years. She has thoroughly enjoyed living in Napa, and watching this industry and culture grow through the years.  It’s hard for her to imagine a more beautiful and peaceful place to live. Danine's favorite things to do are painting, eating great food while sipping wine, and gardening, so she probably lives in the right place.


Ed Vargas
Senior QA Engineer

Ed has over 20+ years of experience in winery QA, QC, Microbiology Lab and Cellar practices. He started his career at Beringer Vineyards, but moved his focus to the sparkling wine industry three years ago. He joined vinSUITE as a Quality Software Engineer, and has been part of the vinSUITE team ever since. Ed and his wife have a beautiful family of seven kids, and are all proud Disney-holics (they try to visit the parks at least once a year). His sons are excellent soccer players, so hanging out with them on weekends is a favorite family hobby.


Erin Melugin Davis
Enterprise Account Manager

Erin has been working in the wine industry for more than 11 years, with eight of those years in the technology sector. She absolutely loves creating and building relationships with her clients, and doing all she can to make their jobs easier!  Erin loves being a mom to her three beautiful kids, and adventuring with them and her amazing husband. Her favorite pastimes include knitting, reading, making music, and lifting heavy things.


Graham Hebert
Scrum Master

Graham has worked in the wine industry for 5+ years, with 20+ years in technology as a developer, development manager, and project manager. He likes technology as it is always evolving, and loves the rich history of wine. Graham makes grappa every fall for fun with grapes grown on his property, and hopes to start a proper vineyard in the next couple of years.


Ian MacFadyen
Application Software Engineer

Ian has developed software for the web for two decades and is at home in the mountains. He risks for reward, creates for betterment, champions good design, loves fixing stuff, and is a world class dad.


Jason Curtis
General Manager

Jason has been in the wine industry for over 20 years. He left a fairly stable job in Texas to move out to the Sonoma wine country to pursue a burgeoning passion for wine. He discovered he was better with numbers than tasting notes (it happens) and found his true calling - helping wineries improve their operations using technology. And enjoying the end-product along the way.


Jeffrey Barron
Software Engineer

Jeffrey has been working in software engineering for over 15 years, in multiple roles for projects small to large. His tech background demonstrates he is a pragmatic problem solver, using focused research and accelerated iteration to deliver solutions for customers.  When he is not slinging code, Jeffrey is addicted to all forms of television. Like Pokemon, he's gotta catch'em all.


Jeremy Horne
vinSUITE Admin Panel Support

Jeremy loves wine and earned his WSET Level 2 before moving up to Napa from Orange County. He has worked in tasting rooms, and came to the valley to pursue a degree in wine business at Sonoma State University. Cheers!


Johanna Stephan
Project Management Lead

Johanna has been with vinSUITE for over eight years. The best part of her job is working with a great team and building strong relationships with her clients. After years in wine e-commerce, she recently discovered her love of French rosé. Johanna is a longtime resident of Nevada City with her two daughters, where her perfect day is one spent at the Yuba River or exploring the nearby Sierras. She is also a huge live music fan (Bon Iver!) and usually visits local venues, but will catch a show in the Bay Area whenever possible.


John Seeger Gilman
Technical Support Specialist

A former magazine art director and native of New York City, John now lives with his wife and daughter in Nevada City, CA. After years of city life, he loves living by mountains, rivers, and the beauty of Northern California, especially the proximity to so many exciting wine regions. A few years ago, John began transitioning from his previous career to follow his passion for wine. He has completed his intermediate level Sommelier certification in 2009, and has since worked in various positions in the wine industry, from retail sales to marketing, and now his current position with vinSUITE.


Jon Trafton
Data & Integrations Lead

Jon has been working in technology within the wine industry for 11 years. He keeps busy at vinSUITE managing data and integration projects. In his free time, Jon enjoys playing guitar, reading, and exploring the wonders of Napa and Sonoma counties with his wife and son.


Jonathan Hansard
Project Manager and Training Specialist

Although he loves drinking wine, Jonathan only began working in the wine industry when he joined the team at vinSUITE. After receiving a Bachelor of Music degree from Cal State, Long Beach, Jonathan spent many years working in warehouse, logistics and store manager roles.  He is very active in both the music and theater communities in Nevada City, and loves spending as much time as possible outdoors.


Junior Chester
Development Manager

Junior was born in Hawaii but makes Dallas his home now. He has been working in tech since back in the day, supporting Windows 3.11. He has a diverse background with companies and industries ranging from Boeing, Microsoft, health, biofuel, and much more. With vinSUITE for over 3 years now, he brings his varied interest, curiosity, and passion to drive our solutions forward to help our clients succeed.


Justin Calderon
Technical Support

Justin has been working in the wine industry for two years, and IT for about five years. He loves what he does - the best part of his job is assisting customers with all the fun technical issues. Justin is always up for a good challenge.


Lauren Lasko
Technical Writer and Release Coordinator

Lauren graduated from the University of Iowa, double majoring in English and Cinema. Moving out to California from the Midwest, she has been working as a Technical Writer for the past three years. Lauren is an avid reader, enjoys writing, and spends her weekends with her husband, traveling or playing board games. 


Michael Gatto
Senior Software Engineer

Michael has been a web developer since Netscape was the new big thing. He loves making people's business run better through well-crafted software, and enjoys building up his team into software craftspersons. He reads heavily and is an amateur historian on the Middle East. Bicycling and Mediterranean cooking are Michael's daily hobbies.


Michael Rosano
Professional Services Manager

Michael has been with the vinSUITE for nearly 8 years. He started working in technical support on the POS side, moved into implementations, and then into management. He loves working in the wine industry and helping wineries solve their DTC problems with our solutions. He is married to the love of his life and has three beautiful kids. Michael is also a big fan of the Raiders and A’s!


Molly Spurgin
Marketing Coordinator

As a Midwest native in search of warmer weather, Molly headed to the West Coast, where she has worked in the specialty food industry for over five years. She has a love for design and analytics, and found her passion for marketing. Her goal is to help businesses grow by improving their branding and digital presence. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music and podcasts, and exploring California.


Nick Heggem
Account Manager

Nick has a long history of account management, customer service, and tech. He takes pride in looking out for his customers and doing his best to be their advocate at all times. Nick's hobbies are a bit of a contradiction, loving both the outdoors and all things techie. Variety is the spice of life!


Preston Williams
WineWare Product Manager and Support Specialist

Preston has worked at vinSUITE for the past 4 years, but has an additional 12 years of experience in the POS industry, and over 15 years in support. Supporting customers is his passion. There are very few things that make him as happy as helping a customer solve an issue that has been giving them trouble. Preston is also a proud father of three, and dedicates all of his spare time to enjoying every minute with his children.


Rachel Gicker
Product Manager

"Not to be ministered unto, but to minister," the Wellesley College motto, sums up Rachel's personal and career motto too. She is the mother of three kids and spends a lot of her time administering sippy cups, cheese sticks, rides to various activities, and generally doing her best to be empathetic and supportive. She has worked at eWinery Solutions/vinSUITE for over seven years in a few different roles, the last being the Technical Support Escalations Manager, and the latest as Product Manager


Reggie Baker
Junior Software Engineer

Reggie grew up in Sonoma County and has always been interested in agriculture, food production, and engineering. He is excited to combine his passion for technology with the local wine industry. In his free time, Reggie enjoys sailing and rock climbing.


Rob DeMallac
Technical Support Specialist

Rob has been working in the IT industry for over 25 years, with the last three at vinSUITE. When not helping people use computers to sell wine, he enjoys music, movies, fine dining, and tinkering with little robots that make lights and sounds.


Robin Allen
Enterprise Sales Manager

Robin has driven customer success with 15+ years of experience in selling, developing, and implementing enterprise solutions to meet complex business needs. She enjoys working as a senior sales leader, building highly motivated teams that solve customer challenges. Outside of work, her hobbies include hiking, Pilates, and fostering homeless dogs for . She also enjoys spending time with her Australian Shepherd, Hailey.


Val Wahlstrom
Senior Web Developer

Val has 20 years in tech, with 10 years in wine e-commerce. He loves music and nature.