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vinSUITE Features You May Have Missed But Should Definitely Know About

A lot happened in 2020! Maybe you missed some of our new features. We completely understand. That's why we created this list, so you don't miss a thing! Our team has been hard at work to roll out features and enhancements based on our clients' feedback.

TabletPOS Features

EMV readers are now available!

Reduce the risk of fraud with our new Bluetooth chip reader device.

Read our help article here for directions on how to setup.

Manage pending orders from your tablet with Enhanced Recall!

Pull any pending order into your system and process from your TabletPOS.

Check out our step by step instructions here.

Waive tax on-the-fly.

Handle wholesale orders and other situations where tax needs to be removed. This one is for you Walla Walla!

Visit our help center to learn how to waive tax.

Learn about some of our other new TabletPOS releases like End of Day Reporting and Tips Customization

vinSUITE Features

Custom Club is available in both vinSUITE and eWinery admin panels!

With a custom club, members are given the freedom to go online and pick and choose wine for their club shipment and wineries are able to control order size by setting a minimum bottle quantity and minimum order subtotal.

Create Promotions on the fly! 

Copy any promotion in your admin panel with one click and edit any field you choose. 

Check out our help article here to learn how. 

Easily exclude wine and products from every promotion.

Have a wine you never want to be discounted? Just click the “Exclude from promotions” button!

Visit our help center here for step by step instructions.

Save Club Batch Templates for Traditional and Custom Club.

Quickly and easily create a new batch by applying a template of a previous club batch.

Track your shoppers’ behavior with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

Gain insight into shopping habits including promo code use and best-sellers. It’s simple to add to your website! Contact support@vinsuite.com.

Engage with Online Shoppers with Chat!

Add Tawk.to or your preferred chatbot to your website. It’s super easy to set up. Contact support@vinsuite.com today!

Quickly review the day’s sales with the new Daily Financial Report!

With just one click, see your sales for the day by order type, product, freight charges, sales tax by state, sales by associate, and sales by tender type all on one page.

Increase Holiday Sales with Gift Certificates!

vinSUITE gift certificates are now available for sales on your eCommerce site.

Learn how to set up gift certificates here.


Mailchimp Enhancement

Send Birthday emails and promotions with member birthday sync!

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