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October GM Update - vinSUITE is Here to Help!

The last month has been intense in Northern California. The vinSUITE offices in Napa and Nevada City have been affected by the PG&E planned outages. Our clients and employees have felt the impact of the Kincade fire. As we all get through these difficult times, please know that vinSUITE is here to help. If you’ve been impacted by the power outages or fires, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to support your operations.

Since this may be the new normal, we’ve been updating our disaster preparedness plans. We were glad to see that our servers remained up and running through these challenges. The boxes that house the vinSUITE admin and eCommerce sites are located in Palo Alto and, besides sitting on a robust internet connection, have battery and generator backups. Also, they are not on the PG&E grid.

And during all of this, we continued to push out some great new features and enhancements. I’d like to encourage you to watch our Roadmap webinar and reach out to the product management team to get involved in our round table webinars. We strive for client satisfaction and want everyone to feel as if they have a voice in our product. Our 2020 initiative is geared towards client-centric upgrades, so the quality of life for you and your customers will continue to improve. Also, just a reminder that code freeze will start on November 15th. There will be no new releases after this date until the new year to ensure that you will have a stable environment during the holiday shopping season.

To end on a high note, we had our annual pumpkin carving contest (winner to be announced):

Be Safe & Happy Halloween!


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