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Growing Wine Sales with Technology

From the field to the tasting room, technological innovation is changing the landscape of every aspect of the wine industry. In 2015 we saw an uptick in wineries willing to incorporate technology, even out in the field. From vine monitoring sensors that monitor water levels in the crop to the new sensors for wine casks that measure the fermentation process in real time, it seems there is no limit to what technology can do to give wineries a leg up on the competition. With DTC wine sales expected to raise 13% this year, it is no wonder wineries are taking such an aggressive stance to secure sales.

Tasting Room Tech

Not surprisingly, the same holds true of technology in the tasting room. In the tasting room, tech is a critical component serving as the powerhouse behind a winery's sales, further driving technology in wine sales at an alarming pace. Software programs designed for DTC sales need to address emerging trends at wineries, including the evolving trend thrusting wineries toward a new hospitality model. More and more wineries are branching out to expand their offering to include a food experience in the tasting room. Offering food means the guest can stay longer and drink more (and thus buy more!) wine.

Tech + Your DTC Wine Sales

Today's wine industry demands a DTC platform that addresses these emerging trends that handle the Wine Technologymany facets wine DTC sales. Richard Kline, the General Manager of Granbury's Wine Business Unit, says his company has done just that. Their newest offering vinSuite is the product of bringing together technologies across wine Industry leaders; Wineware, WineWeb, Vinyard2Door, and eWinery Solutions. The vinSuite platform even addresses Google’s latest "Mobilegeddon" algorithm change allowing customers to have a fully Responsive website design. It also boasts a new central administration with more granular control of your DTC sales. The user interface has also received a complete overhaul and incorporates an intuitive drag and drop style, making daily tasks like wine club processing and loyalty marketing a breeze.

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