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Virtual Wine Tastings - Here to stay?

2020 changed how we interact and engage with each other. One of the biggest trends we saw pop up was the start of virtual wine tastings. Many wineries were looking for a new way to connect with their audience, with tasting rooms being closed or limited reservations. Virtual tastings offered a unique and modern way to present your tasting room experience to a larger audience.

Our clients saw great success from virtual tastings. Larger wineries made an extra $25K-$150k/month, and smaller wineries added $2K-$5k/month. Combined, our clients made over $765,000 from virtual tastings from April ‘20 to January ‘21. With that being said, we discovered that only 7% of vinSUITE users were offering a virtual tasting experience. Our client base is a pretty good snapshot of the wine industry, so we can infer that likely, less than 10% of wineries are offering virtual tastings. Depending on your winery’s size and resources, virtual tastings are a great way to boost your revenue and connect with more wine lovers nationwide.

The question now is, are virtual tastings here to stay? We think they are! From reviewing our client’s data, virtual tastings are continuing to grow in popularity, not decrease. In fact, January 2021 was the most profitable month we saw.

Here are a few tips from successful virtual wine tastings

Offer open event tastings, not one-on-one tastings

If you have the time and resources to do both, great! If you have to pick just one, we recommend a big virtual even on Instagram or Facebook.

Make it about more than just a wine tasting

Most people can go to your website and read the wine description. Offer them a new experience. We have seen wineries have multiple guest speakers, from the owner and winemaker to guest chefs. Share recipes, behind the scenes, Q&As, and build a regular schedule.

Showcase kits on your website

Build product bundles for each pairing wine you highlight in a virtual tasting and promote it! Send out emails and post to social media, letting your follower know that you offer kits.

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