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Starter Guide for Creating a Better Customer Experience

The average winery today receives 42% of its DTC revenue from tasting room sales and 36% of its sales from the wine club. This means of a winery’s direct sales today, 78% has to come from a consumer who first walks into the tasting room (SVB). That’s huge! Providing a world-class experience needs to be a top priority in the tasting room.

What is a customer experience?

In commerce, a customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Customer experience is important to wineries because it drives loyalty and sales both in and out of the tasting room.

Customer Experience and Loyalty


Customer experience starter guide for wineries

Step 1 

Have a clear vision of the customer experience you wish to provide in the tasting room.

PLAN A: High-end, high touch experience

Host exclusive events or add a club member only lounge to increase member loyalty.

Winery party

Pro Tip: Use customer notes and member types in your POS system to personalize interactions.


PLAN B: Educational experience

Provide tours and classes to create a personal connection to your wine and brand story.

Winery Tour

Pro Tip: Use an integrated reservation system to easily manage your appointments and save time.


PLAN C: Relaxed experience

Make your winery a destination with the addition of lounge seating and simple hors d'oeuvres to your tastings.

Pro Tip: Guests may stay longer for seated tastings, so it is essential that you create an atmosphere where you can come to them with a TabletPOS solution.


Step 2 

Tell your winery's authentic story and engage with customers to create an emotional connection

According to the Harvard Business Review analysis, “Fully connected customers constituted just 22% of customers. However, they accounted for 37% of revenue and they spent twice as much annually ($400) as highly satisfied customers. Enhancing emotional connection could be a viable growth strategy if the retailer could attract fully connected customers from competitors, transform satisfied customers into fully connected ones, or both.”


Step 3

Improve your experience with feedback surveys.

Allow your customers to submit satisfaction surveys after tastings, wine club shipments, and events. By being proactive, you can improve loyalty and address issues swiftly.

Pro Tip: You can send surveys in emails using free tools online such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms.




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