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Top Promotions for OND

It’s the holiday season, which means it is time for holiday shopping and promotions. From one-day-only sales like Cyber Monday to season-long promotions, customers are looking for (and expecting) deals when shopping. We’re giving you are top three promotions for the holidays that are sure to boost revenue and bring joy to customers.

1. Fixed-rate Shipping

In the world of Amazon free two-day shipping, consumers are more customized to cheaper and faster shipping rates. And although free two-day shipping is not attainable for most wineries, offering a lower fixed-rate shipping cost during the holidays can help you compete on a larger scale.

When surveyed, 79% of US consumers said that free shipping would make them more likely to shop online. (Walker Sands)

With a fixed-rate promotional code during the holidays, you can offer discounted shipping to customers who meant a certain threshold.

For example, this promotion is only available to customers whose order is greater than or equal to $250.

2. Flash Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two largest online selling days of the year. Promotions on sites drove 25.3% of traffic, followed by paid search, 25.1%, and email, 24.2% (TechCrunch). Take advantage of this increase in holiday traffic by offering your own Cyber Monday deals, but don’t forget to promote it too! Send emails, create ads, post on social, and post on your site your one-day-only Cyber Monday deals. It is important to note that the “golden hour” is estimated to be between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am EST. Meaning that most shoppers try to catch Cyber Monday deals right before bed or after work, so continue your communication during these times.

Our Cyber Monday example included two promotions, one for individual wine bottles and one for gift sets, pushing the gift sets with the better deal. Now, you can offer as many promotions or as little promotions as you like. Keep in mind that you are trying to drive purchases in a short window, so the deals need to be enticing enough to push conversions.

3. Buy More, Save More Discounts

Tiered quantity discounts reward the customers that spend more money by incentivizing those on the cusp to add more items to their cart to make it to the next tier. Note: It is important with discounts to have an end date.

Consumers resonate with discounts that have a reason, like a holiday season. In this example, the tiers are separated by ranges of a hundred dollars and only increase by 5%.

What discounts have you found to be the most successful during OND?

For more information on how to set up these discounts in vinDUITE, check out our on-demand video here

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