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If Your Winery’s Website isn’t Mobile Friendly, It’s Time to Update!

It's already challenging keeping up with your winery's digital marketing efforts while trying to run your business. Between social media and your website, your online brand is a vital channel to reach clients and potential customers with its content and usability. A big piece of this digital puzzle are your Google search rankings - that is, how your site shows up in search results when people are looking for wineries, tasting rooms, and DTC wine sales.

This week Google is changing its search algorithm, and wine brands and ecommerce retailers might find challenging if their websites are not mobile friendly. As of Tuesday, April 21, these changes will start to affect all searches conducted on mobile tablets and smart phones. More specifically, companies that have more mobile-friendly websites will be ranked more favorably on Google's results pages than those that don't. But what features are considered "mobile friendly" by Google?

  • Larger text that's easier to read
  • Links that are easily clickable with a fingertip
  • Responsive designs that resize to fit the device being used

The portion of online traffic that is originating on mobile devices, rather than desktop computers, is creeping into the majority - a trend that will only continue to grow. User experience is now just as important as having informative and engaging content across your business's digital channels.

This means if your winery has not yet invested in developing a mobile-friendly website, now is the time! Because smaller business owners may be hit harder by this change, it's even more important to maintain your brand's presence online. If you're not sure how mobile friendly your site is - Google has a handy tool: Mobile-Friendly Test.

The good news is we can help! Not only can we beef up your website with a responsive design implementation to ensure Google doesn't buy you below your competitors...we've got winery web content management services that help you illustrate your brand's story beautifully online.

  • Responsive design implementation lets you easily create and manage your site (and it's Google's #1 design pattern)
  • Easy web page editing lets you easily update content
  • Add a recipe index and suggest wine pairings
  • Engage your customers with a fun and easy blog
  • Help your customers find you online and in local restaurants, shops, and stores

Making this quick and easy change will let you get back to what's most important...selling more wine!

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