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Minimize Hassle and Wine Club Credit Declines

It happens. A big named retailer with a red logo experiences a credit card breach and suddenly the majority of your credit cards decline when you process your next club shipment. Those projected sales are now gone unless you can reach the card holder and get the updated information. Managing these declined transactions can add hours or days to your work load. Calling the customer to get the updated card info it is also an opportunity for them to cancel their wine club membership, so wouldn't you want to circumvent these declines before they occur?

What if you could avoid the card being declined and get the new updated information for the card automatically without ever disturbing your customer and giving them the opportunity to cancel?

Our payment partner, Open Edge, has a solution to automatically manage declined transactions called Decline Minimizer.

When you operate a wine club, managing declined cards is critical to your success. If a scheduled transaction doesn’t occur due to expired our outdated card information, it means lost and delayed revenues, staff time dedicated to tracking down customers, and even greater fees.

The good news is that these are completely preventable problems and we’ve teamed up Open Edge to provide you with a solution. Decline Minimizer from Open Edge can keep your operation running by automatically updating expired and and outdated card information.

Save Time and Money

  • Card on file technology – To minimize your risk, OpenEdge will store your cardholder data in their secure Managed Payer Data Vault. Eliminate storing card numbers onsite!
  • Recurring Payments – Automate all of your future payments within vinSuite
  • Decline Minimizer – On a nightly basis, OpenEdge will automatically update lost, stolen, or expired cards stored in the data vault to ensure that your receive more approvals for your recurring payments.

Getting started is easy and can help your wine club operate more efficiently for both you and your customers.
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