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Shine Bright! Holiday Marketing for Your Winery

It's hard to believe, but mid-November is already here--whether we're ready for it or not. Have you figured out how you're going to maximize sales this holiday season? vinSUITE has some great marketing tools built in that will help you shine bright this holiday season! Here are a few tips on how to take advantage of these features to develop effective holiday marketing for your winery.

1. Capturing Customer Data

If you've been doing a great job of using your vinSUITE CRM this year, then you're going to benefit greatly from your hard work and consistency. Having lots of customer data on hand will help you execute a really smart holiday marketing strategy for your winery.

But, if you haven't... now's your chance! Make sure that you're capturing as much information as possible from every customer that crosses your path this season--From the tasting room to online sales, and especially wine club. One of vinSUITE's best features is the capability to know more about your customers, and if you're not fully utilizing this feature, you're missing out. So, set yourself up for success next year by implementing a strategy to collect as much customer data as possible this holiday season (and throughout 2016!)

2. Using the Data

Take a look at the information you have available to you. Notice any trends? It's likely that you do, and that the trend is no surprise to you. Use this information to help develop your strategy.

For example, if the data tells you that the majority of your customers are women, your strategy should target these customers directly. Your message would be more about buying wine for holiday parties, hostess gifts, etc. as opposed to something you'd target men with like signing an important client up for wine club.

Tailoring your campaign for your audience as opposed to pitching a specific item or membership based on your own needs will not only drive more business revenue, but also create a lasting impression on your customers.

3. Customizing Email Messages

Another great way to use the data available to you is to send customized email marketing messages to your customers. vinSUITE keeps track of their purchasing behavior, website visits, tasting room visits and more! It's super easy to see who your best customers are, and who could use a little nurturing. Think of a way to thank your best customers for their loyalty, and provide an extra little incentive for your less frequent shoppers to come back and buy wine this holiday season.

If the holiday marketing for your winery extends beyond the basic product pitching, you'll set yourself apart from your competition and sell more wine.

4. Increasing Conversions

Convenience plays a large role in eCommerce purchasing decisions. Make sure you include a call to action in your marketing messages, and get your customer to the product in a single click. The easier it is to get there, the likelier they are to make the purchase.

Additionally, offering convenient holiday specials like free shipping, gift wrapping or cards that make life easier for your customer will help you seal the deal.

So now that the wheels are spinning, you better get to work! Implementing holiday marketing for your winery is easier than ever with vinSUITE, and we hope that you reap the rewards over the coming months. If you're not a vinSUITE customer yet, click here to learn more about how you can sell more wine:

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