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10 Wine eCommerce Strategies to Boost Sales

Even though it's harvest season, your winery needs some fresh ideas to boost online wine sales.You have set up your eCommerce store and you're ready to accept orders...but they're not pouring in as quickly as you would like. We consulted with some of our wine industry experts on some of their favorite wine eCommerce tips to help drive those high profit, low maintenance sales.

1. Expand your Horizons

Don't just hold the line...sell more wine by increasing your overall reach and think outside the box (or bottle). During the busy Holidays, consider expanded hours to accommodate more guests in your winery. Host special events and make customers feel like VIPs so they spread the word about their great experience and your great product. Get Social and leverage your social media channels to get the word out about your products in addition to specials and promotions. Bonus: driving people to your website through your social media channels is a great way to boost traffic and online sales.

2. Keep them Coming Back

Reward your loyal customers and brand ambassadors with coupons, specials or gifts...this helps you go for that "surprise and delight" factor. Offer discounts for bulk purchases. Invest in getting to know your customer and let that show in your web presence. Send them rewards to share in their life's special moments on their birthday, anniversary, or wedding.

3. Enhance Online Delivery

No one wants to wait forever on their order to arrive in a world full of next day delivery. Automate processes to speed up shipping time and use shipping partners that can help facilitate compliance and get packages there sooner.

4. Promote Gift Memberships

People forget that wine is a great gift for almost any occasion and something that can be customized to anyone's unique tastes. Remind your sales associates to suggest additional wine to be purchased as gifts during checkout, offer a service to help select the perfect bottle for the right occasion, and promote this option across your web channels.

5. Market your Winery as an Event Space

Customers who use your space for events bring new potential customers to you, so don't miss out on this opportunity to make a great impression. It's the perfect venue for everything from a girl's night tasting to a wine fanatic's wedding reception. Make sure to verify your zoning allows for events.

6. Become an Industry Expert

Your website and social media channels are the perfect place to create and share content that your customers want. What questions do they ask frequently? What's happening in the industry? Create branded pairing Guides, educational handouts, and even recipes. This allows both current and potential customers to know you're trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to all things wine!

7. Freebies!

You don't have to give away the whole horse and carriage, but don't shy away from "Free" either. You will be surprised at how excited people get even over the smallest incentives. This doesn't necessarily mean free bottles either - think free gift wrapping, a t-shirt with your logo on it...the possibilities are endless.

8. Give Back

Run a campaign that gives back a percentage of sales to a charity and then let your customers know how they can participate. Promote the event in as many ways as possible, and invite customers to visit your website to participate, make a purchase, or simply just learn more about the cause and why its important to their community. The more local...the better!

9. Make it Easy

These days everyone is busy and always on the go. Be sure to make it really easy for a customer to make purchases...this means right from their mobile devices. If you haven't heard of responsive website design yet, now is the time to make sure your business is responsive...otherwise Google may not be including you in search results. You can learn more about making your winery's website responsive here.

10. Keep Customers Safe with PCI Compliance

Above all, make sure your eCommerce platform and winery Point-of-Sale use Tokenization. Without it you could be susceptible to a breach of your customers' data, like the one that occurred last April and impacted hundreds of wineries' reputations.

Mixing and matching any of these 10 strategies will ultimately help you drive traffic and get those eCommerce transactions flowing. Some of these might require a trial and error process, but ultimately you know your customers and what works best for your business.

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