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Popular Marketing Campaigns for Wineries
Executing your email marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a bit of planning, you can set up your campaigns to run automatically, rather than flying by the seat of your pants.

We took a look at the top email marketing campaigns used by wineries to help give you a few ideas.

1. Birthday Campaign

Birthday campaigns will help your customers build a personal relationship with your winery. Consumers are looking for brands that spark a connection.

Ideas for emails:

Personalized birthday wish and note from the team
Promotional discount code
Gift or free experience at your winery

2. Big Spender Campaign

Big spenders are just as important as your club members, don’t forget about them! Reward your loyal customers by sharing exclusive news and offers.

Ideas for emails:

Sneak peek at upcoming releases and events
First access to sales
Note from the winemaker or owner

3. Event Attendees Campaign

If your winery holds special events for locals, concerts, pairing menus, etc., running an event attendee campaign is an excellent way to engage with potential customers/members. These are consumers who may or may not be familiar with your wines or club options, so it is important to highlight what makes your winery unique.

Ideas for emails:

Your winery’s story - how your winery started, who are the people behind the brand
Club perks
Recipes for pairings or monthly event calendar notifications

4. Ex-Club Members Campaign

The odds are you have a few members that have left your club. After you have given them some space (let’s say a year), it is time to try and win them back.

Ideas for emails:

Quarterly newsletter - includes exciting news about releases or events and upcoming sale information

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