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How to Use Business Intelligence to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy
Building a marketing plan for your winery is one thing. Building a marketing plan that generates revenue, however, is on a completely different playing field. What will resonnate with your customers? And drive them to act? How do you get them to buy more wine?

The good news is…your customers are already giving you these answers! The bad news…well, you might not be listening.

Organizing, understanding and analyzing your customer data is key to understanding how to market to your customers. Using a program like vinSUITE Business Intelligence is a great solution to help you do this—and it’s more affordable than you might think.

Leveraging the information that you already have to help you make informed decisions will help you put together a marketing strategy that works. This information will help you identify your target audience, analyze your website data and get a better pulse on what’s happening in your tasting room.

Hone in on your target audience.

It's likely that your wine club is generating the most profit for your business. So, take a look at this customer group and truly get to understand them. How and when are they signing up? How often are they receiving shipments? How did they hear about your wine club?

Replicating your best customers is easier (and much more effective) than trying to turn your okay customers into great ones. Analyze where this customer group is coming from so that you can identify ways to earn the business of others just like them.

Ultimately, everyone's not going to join your wine club, and you don't want to ignor your other customers, but focusing your marketing on this group is going to drive the most revenue for your wine business.

Get a pulse on your tasting room.

Understanding the sales and customers in your tasting room, and being able to make adjustments accordingly, is key to an effective marketing strategy. Chances are, what people are buying online is different from what they’re buying in the tasting room.

Keeping track of customer purchases and behavior through your winery point of sale and then easily identifying trends will tell you when and how to promote your wine. vinSUITE BI is a great platform to help you do this effectively.

For example, if you don’t have many repeat customers, you can start a reward program to keep them coming back. Are people tasting and then not buying? How can you adjust your approach to change this?

Whether it’s purchasing behavior or wine club history, your customers are telling you what works (and what doesn’t.) Leveraging this information to build your marketing strategy will increase effectiveness and overall sales for your winery.

By using business intelligence to measure KPIs, you can use detailed data to make more informed marketing decisions. And, you know what we say around here… Know More. Sell More.

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